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"I want to offer you all the
possibilities to dance and learn
as much as your body and soul can take!"

Dalila Yenter

Dalila Yentel

Hello! My name is Dalila Yentel. I'm a tango dancer an instructor and I'm also the creator of Días de Tango

Tango found me more than twenty years ago, paradoxically at the same place where i was taking english lessons. At that time, tango didn't seem to me much more than a hobby. I really couldn't imagine how much into it O'd get just a few years later.

I kept taking lots of tango lessons before I even dared to enter a milonga(tango club). And then, when i finally did, I found an absolutely amazing world which taught me a different lesson aboyt tango. not just as a dance, but also as a whole new enviroment where people share a unique language and a common feeling

Sames as Tango came to me, so did Días de Tango, although I just christened it that way, the project was born even before I realized, simply because after many years of teaching and dancing both professionally and at milongas, I had the compelling need to share these fantastic experiences with people from all over the world, to open this big door so that everybody could see, taste and feel what tango was really about.

If you want to know more about me, click here: Dalila's resume



October - November 2016:

Dalila Yentel's European tour. Stay tuned!


E-mail: info@diasdetango.com
Whatsapp: +54 9 11 6579-7513
Skype: diasdetango
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