Tango trips to Buenos Aires

Don´t just watch tango, come and live tango!”
Come to Buenos Aires and get an authentic taste of tango and its culture:

- Have tango lessons with Dalila Yentel and other renowned dancers, all painstakingly selected by Dalila herself to guarantee you only get the best bar none. Open the door to get the tango secrets, get the feeling and learn how to put your own mark (impronta) during the dance. You’ll dive through the music, the improvisation, the communication and codes, the tango scene and much more! 

- What does it mean to have a “good posture”? Have postural training lessons with Dalila Yentel, this will help you get some very important content involved in the dance: Body alignment, body awareness, propioception, flexibility and conscious breathing, among other elements.

MILONGAS (Tango clubs)
- Get in to the milongas, dance with the local and learn about all the different styles that coexist on each dance floor.

- Have dinner while watching an outstanding tango show.

- Organize a full tango day for your congress, convention, party or business dinner. You can customize your own tango event according to the needs and likes of your guests in order to offer them a unique night, be it in a specific tango venue or right in your own company premises.

- Do you need somebody to join you during your tango lessons or at the milongas? I have the most wonderful team of bilingual tango assistants who will take care of you.

- Talks, walks, lodging, transfers? I can help you out!

We aim at making your stay in Buenos Aires a unique and unforgettable tango experience!

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